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Service Menu/Prices
Utopia specializes in therapeutic  relaxation and deep tissue massage. 70% of clients seek help for stress reduction and pain relief.  Please call for more information on the services, current promotions and customized options and packages that can be tailored for your needs.

Sr. Citizens, Students, Military
$10 Discount with ID

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage
This classic massage incorporates long fluid strokes, varying depth and pressure to enhance the body's natural functioning. It improves muscle tone, circulation, joint flexibility, balances energy levels and stimulates a heightened sense of well-being.   1hr $70, 1.5hrs $95
Deep Tissue Massage
An intensive massage designed to aid in recovering muscle tissue. Full body, deep pressure is especially designed for individuals in need of muscle compression and trigger point therapy to relieve body pain and soreness. 1hr $75, 1.5hrs $100
Hot Stones Utopia
Your tired muscles are massaged with warm smooth river stones. The stones are integrated into the massage and placed on areas of muscle tension. The combination of the heat along with finger pressure allows the muscles to warm and release tension. Perfect for those bodies sore through exercise or over exertion.  1hr $90, 1.5hr  $115
Jamaican Body Scrub
Brown Sugar or Sea Salt is mixed with aromatharapy oils to polish, smooth, soften, moisten, and exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin with a new satin softness.  It has been described as a renewing the "baby skin" you once had. The Scrub is removed with hot towels followed by a swedish massage. Get ready to say Ahhhhhh for this one - a seasonal alltime favorite.  75m $100

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage
Treat yourself to a full 30 minutes of attention to those painful, sore spots! Specify the areas of concern and have them focused on for the entire massage! Perfect for a quick fix or for that overnight "crick-in-the-neck."
30 minutes $45
Couples Massage
We offer one room and two therapists so you can share a relaxing, synchronized relaxation massage with your significant other. There's no better date available!
60 minutes $160
90 minutes $220

Maternity Massage
Prenatal Massage - Extremely beneficial for a Mommy-to-Be or brand new Mom! Pregnancy and child birth cause major changes to the entire body and those aches and pains should not be ignored. This type of massage is special attention just for your specific needs! (Most pregnant women can safely receive massage during all stages of pregnancy. However, always check with your doctor beforehand.)
60 minutes $75

Sports Massage 75min $80
Reflexology 1 hr $50
Pampering Parties
Plan your Pampering Party for friends, family, special occasions, "girls night out", wedding parties, pool parties or "just because."  It is the most fun you will ever have while eating, drinking, socializing, catching up with old friends or just plain relaxing. This is a favorite for brides to treat their bridal parties or their families. And this is not just for women, Guys can have there "time-outs" also. We will come to you and set up in a room you designate. Each person can tailor the massage to their needs, 30 min, 1 hr, or 15 min  massages on the table or using the massage chair. Plan your gathering today and call for details. Your guests will remember you for this social gathering!

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